Beauty make-up one on one sessions

Do you frequently ask yourself how do I create a glamorous look with the make-up products I bought?

Is your make-up bag full of shadows and lip gloss, but you still find yourself wondering how to use your kit in a better way?

Do make up trends articles always get your attention, but you still find it challenging to apply the latest catwalk look?

Then you have found the right place because I just love make-up!!! And I can teach you how to make-up the best of you!

My one-on-one beauty sessions have been designed to assist you to achieve fantastic results with amazing ease.

During these personalised sessions, I will build up your personal make-up skills and provide you with an understanding of the theory behind make-up and lots of one-on-one practice!

Personalised dermal make-up workshop

We all know how important our image is to our sense of well-being. The personalised dermal make-up workshop offers a tailor-made program for clients requiring make-up to reduce visibility of skin irregularities caused by congenital or cosmetic imperfections or scars left by accidents or medical surgery.

During this course I’ll give you techniques to minimise irregularities in your skin colour and texture, enabling you to achieve a natural look.

Having worked with suicide-bombing survivors, individuals with vitiligo and congenital conditions, I understand the positive impact dermal make-up can bring to the life of individuals. I will be happy to assist you in feeling more confident.

Private make-up lessons and workshops

For those looking for specific make up skills or techniques, we provide workshops and private lessons on:

  • face painting
  • ageing
  • applying bald-caps
  • injuries (burns, cuts, scars, scratches, beatings, broken limbs, open wounds) using different types of wax, gelatine burns, latex, liquid blood, dried blood, blood powder
  • creating different characters and figures (e.g. zombies, clowns, etc.)